Sacré Bleu


Aged and slightly picante with subtle notes roquefort and white wine.This batch is creamier and more like a Gorgonzola.Discover a dairy-free cheese that’s rich, creamy and blue. Only small batches of this wonderful, cashew-based Sacre Blue Vegan Cheese are handmade in the Palace Culture kitchen in Bermondsey, so make sure you don’t miss out.


Ingredients *Organic: Activated cashew nut* (63%), filtered water, Coconut milk*, French vegan white wine*, Almonds*, Halen Môn sea salt, activated vegetable ash*, vegetable enzymes*, live culture, penicillium roqueforti

*Allergens in bold. Made in a kitchen that also handles other vegan allergens. Refrigerate 3-6ºC

Producer’s note: Please keep in mind this is a handmade product, so appearance may vary.

Wrap well or put in a container after opening.